We’re excited to share new features that make it easier to view contract documents and keep your stakeholders in the loop. Here’s what’s new.

View pricing and other Microsoft documents directly in Pavilion

Now, you can view Microsoft Office files directly in Pavilion for popular contract sources such as Goodbuy, GSA, Allied States Cooperatives, and more! Quickly preview Excel pricing spreadsheets and other Microsoft documents when they’re available.

Keep everybody in the loop for supplier interactions

Procurement is a team sport – with end-users and other colleagues to keep in the loop.

Now, when you message a supplier on Pavilion, you can easily keep everyone on the same page. Add your colleagues to the email thread so everyone's in the know when the supplier responds with availability, pricing, and other information.

Don’t forget, you can also message multiple suppliers in one go if there are other awarded suppliers on the solicitation. We’re here to help you follow up if you don’t hear back and get to the right supplier contact, too. Let's make communicating with suppliers easy!

Mix and match filters to narrow down your search

We’ve added new search filters over the past few months to help you quickly find contracts that meet your needs. Our latest Contract Documents filter helps you focus on only contracts with contract documents available in Pavilion. Happy searching!

New contracts added!

We’ve recently added contracts from Commonwealth of Virginia and College Station CISD. Want to share your contracts with us too? It’ll help users from your agency find your own contracts faster – and help other agencies find them too. Reach out to our team at contracts@withpavilion.com.


Stay tuned for more exciting features as our team develops new ways to help you deliver better, faster services. Have an idea? Shoot us an email at support@withpavilion.com.