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Cooperative contracts:
An opportunity to grow your revenue

Cooperative contracts give you the option to sell to public agencies using the contracts you've already won, instead of competing in a new solicitation process.

What is Pavilion

Pavilion's technology platform connects public agency buyers with suppliers that have existing cooperative contracts. Buyers use Pavilion to find contracts and suppliers, expedite their due diligence, and complete their purchase - all in a matter of days.

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Why buyers love Pavilion

We offer the largest collection of cooperative contracts that have been awarded to suppliers like you, making us a first stop for thousands of government entities.


We have an AI powered search ranking algorithm that helps buyers find contracts that not only meet their procurement needs, but also address their compliance requirements. This is how we ensure we only send high quality leads to suppliers.


“Pavilion helped us generate a new sale to a new public entity customer using a cooperative contract we didn’t even know we had!”

Eric Braesch

Business Development Manager
REMY Corporation

Resources for suppliers

Learn more about selling to the public sector and growing your business with Pavilion.

November 28, 2023

Watch: Stand out on Pavilion as a Pro Supplier

See how you can get more business by being a Pro Supplier on Pavilion.
December 28, 2022

Why shareable contracts matter for your business

If you’re a supplier that sells to public entities, Pavilion can help you sell faster, at a lower cost, to more public entities.
December 14, 2022

Managing stakeholders during the sales process

Unless you’re selling a procurement-related product or service, odds are that the individuals in government who manage the purchasing process (“procurement”) are not the same people as the public servants who are your customers (“end users”). During the sales process, you’ll need to make sure you’re working well with both kinds of stakeholders. You need to sell to your end users and meet the compliance needs of their procurement counterparts.
December 5, 2022

What is public procurement?

The way governments spend public dollars is highly regulated, with formal procurement processes and different public sector "customers". As a supplier selling to public entities, you navigate with the procurement process, sell to public sector end users, and meet the compliance needs of public procurement professionals.
December 3, 2022

Selling using shareable contracts: FAQs

Get started selling through shareable contracts. Learn the detailed specifics of how to get onto a shareable contract and how to sell off a shareable contract.
December 1, 2022

What are shareable contracts?

Everything you need to know about shareable contracts: what are they, who creates them, and what can you sell using them.

See how you can stand out against the competion and win more business.

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Free visibility

Get discovered by public sector buyers for free. Pay only when you win new business.

Start selling faster

Skip the solicitation process and start making sales on the contracts you’ve already been awarded.

Reduce your sales costs

Lower the cost of acquiring government customers and improve your bottom line by receiving inbound inquiries.

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“Pavilion helped us generate a new sale to a new public entity customer using a shareable contract we didn't even know we had!”

Eric Braesch

Workday Practice Director
‍REMY Corporation

Improve your visibility

Add information and documents about competitively awarded contracts your business has won. Include details about the products and services available through each contract. Contact information, your business’s service areas, diversity credentials, and a thoughtful introduction to your company can also help public buyers understand your business and how to work with you.

Get direct access to buyers

Public entity buyers may send you questions or request to purchase from your business through Pavilion. When you receive an email from a government buyer through Pavilion, respond quickly. The faster you respond, the better your chances of working with the public agency.

Get your business in front of government buyers, for free

Thousands of public sector buyers gather under Pavilion’s roof each month to find and buy from businesses like yours.

Sell more with the contracts you've already won

Grow your share of the $2 trillion state and local government market with Pavilion.
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