The spirit of collaboration in public procurement is strong. Still, it can be burdensome to find contracts from other public entities and challenging to share your agency’s work. Now, Pavilion has made it easier than ever to access contracts from hundreds of other public entities, and to share your contracts with the wider public procurement community. 

By sharing your contracts with the thousands of entities on Pavilion, you can maximize the value of your contracts for your entity, help the broader public procurement community, and support your awarded suppliers, too. Here are 4 ways you and your community can benefit from sharing contracts on Pavilion:

1. Make sure users from your agency find the contracts they should use – including yours 

Your procurement peers and end users are likely already using Pavilion to access the country’s largest network of cooperative contracts, covering 100,000+ contracts spanning national purchasing cooperatives to your neighbor’s filing cabinet. But are they able to find your own agency’s contracts? 

By sharing your public contracts with Pavilion, you can help colleagues from your agency find your contracts faster so that they never miss a contract they should be using. Organizations such as Orange County, CA are already seeing internal collaboration improve.

“Pavilion gives us a free contract management repository, which the County has never had, to allow internal collaboration that has always been missing. Now, there is so much information at our fingertips!”

Maria Agrusa, County Procurement Officer, Orange County, CA

2. Help other public entities make use of your work

Sharing contracts doesn’t just help your entity. Other entities across the nation can use your cooperative and piggybackable contracts to skip the solicitation process and deliver better services faster. By using Pavilion to share your contracts more broadly, you can help thousands of public entities make use of your work. For example, hundreds of public entities in Arizona share contracts with each other on Pavilion as part of SAVE, making more than 5,000 locally solicited contracts available to their members and other entities in Arizona – all without requiring an administrator to manage a spreadsheet and track contracts down. 

“Now, with one simple search, our members see contracts from entities all across Arizona. Dozens of SAVE members have proactively reached out to add their contracts to Pavilion, opening the door for other members to easily find those contracts.”

Kristy Garcia, Procurement Administrator, SAVE & the City of Mesa, Arizona

3. Support your awarded suppliers, especially small and local businesses

It can cost a business up to $30,000 just to respond to a new solicitation. By sharing your contracts through Pavilion, you can support small and local businesses by providing them with a platform to grow their public sector business. Your awarded suppliers can gain visibility and showcase their goods and services to a broader audience. If your contracts include piggyback language, your awarded suppliers may also be able to win new public entity customers as a result of being discoverable on Pavilion.

“With Pavilion, we’re offering distribution of contracts to help awarded suppliers gain more exposure and grow their business. One supplier has already gotten over a dozen new contracts off of our original solicitation."

Maria Agrusa, County Procurement Officer, Orange County, CA

4. Save time responding to public records requests

When your contracts can be more easily found through Pavilion, your entity can save time responding to public records requests. Kansas City Regional Purchasing Cooperative has saved hours of their staff’s time by directing requesters to a Pavilion link with the appropriate collection of contracts, rather than assigning a team to manually pull information together.

“I used to have to email documents to anyone who made a request. Now, I just send them a link to Pavilion, and they can find all our documents on their own in a few seconds.”

Rita Parker, Program Coordinator, Kansas City Regional Purchasing Cooperative

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