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Pavilion is purpose-built to help public servants work smarter through collaboration.

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Stop tracking down contracts. Start purchasing faster.

Deliver public services faster by finding the contracts that are most relevant for you—for free—from hundreds of public entities.

Find the right contract

We search across the country’s largest network of shareable contracts, from national purchasing cooperatives to your neighbor’s filing cabinet, to show you the best results for your needs.

Expedite due diligence

Download or view solicitation and contract documents directly in your browser to understand pricing, specifications, scopes of work, and more.

Streamline supplier interactions

Connect with the right supplier contact and get a fast response. We'll start an email thread directly between you and the supplier and provide hands-on support on next steps.

Instantly access the experience of your peer public servants

Pavilion’s technology aims to empower the public sector’s spirit of collaboration. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Pavilion is purpose-built to help public servants like you find, use, and share contracts with your peers across the country, for free.

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“It was literally a 5 or 10 second check to find a contract, as opposed to spending extended time researching or discussing with the supplier.”

John Tigert

Assistant Purchasing Manager
Virginia Beach, VA

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Share your contracts

Maximize the value of your contracts for your entity and peers in public service. Plus, boost local economic development and even generate revenue for your entity.

Join Orange County, CA, City of Peoria, AZ, the Kansas City Regional Purchasing Cooperative, and hundreds of other entities sharing contracts on Pavilion.
Share your contracts

Resources for public entities

Learn more about cooperative purchasing and piggybacking, explore procurement collaboration case studies, and participate in upcoming events and educational opportunities.


August 3, 2023

4 Key Benefits to Sharing Your Contracts

Here are 4 ways you and your community can benefit from sharing contracts on Pavilion
June 8, 2023

Regional models for collaboration: how to strengthen purchasing collaboration in your region

Explore two models for regional collaboration in procurement.
December 7, 2022

A due diligence checklist for shareable public entity contracts

Using shareable contracts can save government staff time and achieve cost savings. But if you’re new to cooperative purchasing in government, navigating the diligence process can be tricky. Here’s a general due diligence checklist that can help you quickly evaluate whether or not you can use a shareable contract.

Case Studies

Case Studies
February 3, 2023

Region 18 ESC Purchasing Cooperative and Pavilion help school districts connect with approved suppliers through shareable contracts

With Pavilion’s free platform, the Region 18 ESC Purchasing Cooperative is enhancing the member district experience by making it easier to find Region 18 ESC-approved supplier contracts and supporting documents, plus shareable contracts from across the country.
Case Studies
December 16, 2022

Orange County, CA is strengthening procurement operations and supporting local businesses with Pavilion

Orange County, California, is the 6th largest County in the U.S. Over 250 County deputy procurement officers procure more than $2 billion of goods and services annually. Learn how Orange County uses Pavilion to share local contracts and discover contracts from entities across the nation with a single search. 
Case Studies
October 12, 2022

Arizona's SAVE says goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to shareable contracts on Pavilion

‍The Strategic Alliance for Volume Expenditures (SAVE) is a model for what public entities can accomplish by working together. SAVE is a self-organized group of more than 320 public entities across Arizona with a shared goal: to lower procurement costs by aggregating public purchasing power and reducing administrative redundancies.

Product Updates

Product Updates
Sep 14, 2023

New features to help your team save even more time

Key contract and supplier information at a glance, Pavilion within Bonfire, and an easy way to share Pavilion with colleagues.
Product Updates
Aug 10, 2023

A more powerful search experience across even more contracts

We’ve been cooking up lots of exciting new features, and we can’t wait to share it with you. Now at your fingertips: a more powerful contract search experience – across even more contracts!
Product Updates
Apr 27, 2023

Making it easier to find and buy from certified diverse and small businesses with Pavilion

Starting for public entities in Oregon, Texas, California, Virginia, Florida, and Arizona, Pavilion has made it easier than ever to see state and federal business credentials for suppliers alongside shareable contract information, all in one place.

Meet our Public Procurement Advisory Council

Paul Brennan

Director of Purchasing
County of Rockland, NY

Lourdes Coss

Retired Chief Procurement Officer
City of Houston, TX; Cook County, IL

Ken Desowitz

Retired Director of Supply Services
City of Los Angeles, CA

Denise Finn

Procurement Manager
City of Fort Myers, FL

Darren Muci

Retired Division Director, Operations
Wichita Public Schools, KS

Diane Palmer-Boeck

Retired Director of Procurement
City of Plano, TX

Mike Wenzel

Retired Chief Procurement Officer
State of Maine

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