We’ve added new capabilities to make it easy to collaborate with end users and other colleagues. Here’s what’s new.

Collaborate with end users on projects directly in Pavilion

End users know what they want to buy. Procurement knows how to buy in a compliant way. But today, bringing it all together to find and use a contract from a supplier that meets everyone’s needs involves emails, calls, and documents on shared drives.

Now, you can keep track of contracts and suppliers directly in Pavilion, all in one place. With Projects, you can save contracts, shortlist suppliers, and share notes within a common workspace. Need to loop a new stakeholder? Invite them to your Project so that they can quickly get up to speed. 

Spend less time on the back-and-forth so that you can focus on finding procurement options that meet end user needs in a compliant manner.

Share search results or contracts from Pavilion

Just want to share a single search or contract rather than an entire Project? Now, you can do that too! Send a personalized email from Pavilion to share search results or contracts with end users or other colleagues.

New contracts added!

We’ve recently added contracts new sources, including:

Want to share your contracts with us too? It’ll help users from your agency find your own contracts faster – and help other agencies find them too. Reach out to our team at contracts@withpavilion.com.


Stay tuned for more exciting features as our team develops new ways to help you deliver better, faster services. Have an idea? Shoot us an email at support@withpavilion.com.