We are thrilled to announce that Siyuan Tu has joined Pavilion as our first product designer! Prior to joining Pavilion, Siyuan designed software tools at Netflix and Autodesk that empower creative studios around the world. With her background in human-computer interaction and operations research, she seeks out ways to simplify complex systems and make information more accessible. She’s excited to tackle this challenge for the public sector. We talked with Siyuan about some of the experiences that led her to Pavilion.

Why Pavilion?

Being a designer has given me frameworks to ask bigger and bigger questions, and I’ve become increasingly curious about the feedback loops between technology and policy that shape our society (for better or for worse). In the Bay Area, it feels like there are endless problems we could design our way out of, but few that we urgently should. I believe Pavilion is working on a huge opportunity, in an area underserved by technology, that impacts everyone who uses government services.


I’m also excited to make an impact at an early stage startup and create a design foundation for the team and our product. Meeting Mari and Alicia and the rest of our passionate team sealed the deal!

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I love a great road trip. My partner and I finished converting a Sprinter van last year, so we’ve been camping in it most weekends to make up for the long hours building it. In California, you can drive for an hour and be completely outside of cell range, in the redwoods or by an ocean, watching the surf or the snowfall. We’re still experimenting with our recipe for a quintessential road trip, but it usually involves some combination of hikes with our puppy, climbing, outdoor movies and music, and lots of snacks.

What’s something you’re not good at, but working on?

I’d like to get better at balancing creative output vs. consumption. After being on a screen for work all day, it feels much more nourishing to work with my hands than to binge a show—whether that’s by learning ceramics or guitar, writing, or designing furniture (purposely, all hobbies that I’m not good at!).

What’s a goal you have for the year ahead?

I recently moved to Oakland, CA, after splitting my time between San Francisco, London, and the east coast for quite a few years. I’d love to be more intentional about building community, exploring local neighborhoods, and hosting dinners with friends.