We’re ecstatic to welcome Lillian Zhao as Pavilion’s newest growth manager! With a background in consulting and project management for ESG-related processes and B2B SaaS, Lillian will help our growth team develop strategies and playbooks to increase product awareness among government users. We sat down with Lillian to learn about why she chose Pavilion, her hobbies, and a book she’s recently enjoyed.

Why Pavilion?

I’ve always been interested in problems where technology can create a meaningful, positive, and widespread impact. Pavilion identified the possibility for a widespread step-change in how government procurement works by understanding pain points that can be addressed through technology without policy change; Pavilion’s marketplace benefits both government agencies and their vendors, while improving the efficiency of $2T in taxpayer dollar spending and everything that procurement touches. In addition to being drawn to the impact-oriented and ambitious mission, I was also energized by the leadership’s clarity in thought and the entire team’s incredibly thoughtful culture.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I love finding fun ways to connect people and spending quality time with friends. I also enjoy reading longform articles, memoirs, and social science books. I can also often be spotted taking photos of anything and everything, as well as experimenting with different forms of photography.

What’s a book you’ve read and enjoyed recently?

During the pandemic, I found myself thinking a lot about how time can seem to pass strangely and therefore enjoyed reading “Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals”. Oliver Burkeman offers many clever views, including how secular mortality creates a sense of time scarcity and that time has become a resource to be “used” rather than a medium for life to occur. I enjoyed the book a lot – it’s not often that an author can reference multiple philosophers while still managing to produce humorous, digestible, and practical content.