We are delighted to announce the addition of Govind Wakhlu to the Pavilion team, where he assumes the role of Vice President of Product and Design. With extensive experience leading product teams at renowned companies such as Turo, Meta, and Doma, along with successfully founding his own ventures, Govind brings a wealth of expertise to our organization. In this blog post, we delve into why Govind decided to join Pavilion, uncover his surprising affinity for music, learn about one of his biggest sources of inspiration, and get his book recommendations for your next read.

Why Pavilion?

Honestly, it was an easy decision. During my search, I was optimizing for a few things - A company solving a large mission-driven problem, with great people/culture, building an innovative product and on a high growth trajectory. There are very few companies that meet these criteria!

US Government procurement is a $2 Trillion market, and making it better improves the lives of all Americans. In just a few conversations, it was obvious that Pavilion’s team and culture is really special in its focus on hiring great people, transparent communication, inclusion and fun.

This is an interesting problem space to build for, and creating a differentiated marketplace in this market seemed like an exciting challenge to take on. Combine all of that with the traction and rapid growth the company has been experiencing, and it made the decision really easy!

What’s something someone who didn’t know you wouldn’t expect about you?

I am a decent guitar player and did seriously consider going to sound engineering school back in the day!

Who’s one person you admire, and why?

My grandmother. She didn’t finish high school, but ended up becoming the tourism minister of her state. She’s also written a ton of books and has a super sharp mind at 86. I find her growth mindset and ability to take on ambitious goals fearlessly incredibly inspiring!

What’s a book you’ve read and enjoyed recently?

I’m reading The War of Art which is a great book for professionals and creatives. Another one that I finished recently was Quest for Eternal Sunshine which is a true story about a Holocaust survivor and their journey of healing themselves.