We’re are thrilled to welcome Andrew Jung to the Pavilion team as our first business hire! In his new role, Andrew will drive critical tools and partnerships to make Pavilion’s shareable contracts more accessible to public servants across the country.

Andrew is a serial entrepreneur and varsity athlete. He started his first business, a food delivery startup, as a senior at Middlebury College, where he studied Computer Science and Economics. Before joining Pavilion, he also started another company and completed a Masters in Entrepreneurship from the University of Washington. He’s a big fan of startup business books and can still be found hobbling around the squash court.

We asked Andrew a few questions about himself and the experiences that led him to join Pavilion.

What led to your decision to join Pavilion?

I’ve previously focused on two separate endeavors: identifying business opportunities that have real potential for growth in large markets, and making an impact through volunteering with social causes close to my heart. Pavilion combines these efforts by offering a distinct business opportunity in a large market with unlimited potential for social impact.

I’ve also enjoyed being a part of strong teams. At Pavilion, I’m excited to have the opportunity to be part of building a high-performing team around achieving our shared social mission. A key component of my decision to join Pavilion was the opportunity to work alongside Mariel and Alicia, who immediately struck me as wildly bright, energetic, and passionate about the mission.

What will you miss about Seattle? What are you looking forward to in San Francisco?

As a Seattle native, I’m moving away from a close family and a network of friends that I’ll truly miss. My decision to leave Seattle really speaks to my level of excitement about Pavilion’s core mission and the potential impact that we can make together. I believe in the power of reaching beyond my comfort zone, and I hope to make San Francisco a second home. Who knows, there may even be days when San Francisco actually looks like Seattle, especially when the clouds roll in!

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I love being active and will join any recreational sport or game offered. Over the past year, I’ve jumped into competitive squash, golf, and spike ball tournaments (with varying degrees of success). I welcome any challengers in a pop-a-shot arcade basketball match! I have also enjoyed weekly Trivia nights with my “team” back in a Seattle pub.

If you could invite anyone to dinner who would it be?

It’d have to be the Seattle Seahawks’s quarterback Russell Wilson. Technically, I’ve DM’d him an invite for dinner, but no response (yet). To me, Russell embodies an ideal team player: he values the process over being accolade-oriented, and never gives up. He inspires others to focus on a shared vision, both on and off the field. I’d like to learn more about how he really manages himself in those moments, when many would crack under the pressure. I’d want to hear the full-story of how he’s been able to maintain grace and calm under pressure!