OpenGov and Pavilion have partnered to provide OpenGov customers with access to Pavilion’s network of shareable contracts directly from the OpenGov Procurement suite. 

If you’re an OpenGov user, you can now find Pavilion’s search bar where you’d want to think about using shareable contracts before you start putting together a new solicitation: 

  1. Before you or your end users submit an intake request

Anyone requesting a contract or submitting the need for a solicitation can now search Pavilion first to see if there’s a shareable contract available. After a quick search, you may discover that you don’t need to request a new sourcing event after all! You can find the Pavilion search bar under the “Intake” tab on the left-hand side of the OpenGov Procurement page:

  1. When you’re reviewing an intake request as a buyer

Now, once you’ve received an intake request as the reviewer, you can determine if you’d like to run a new sourcing event or leverage an active contract. Pavilion’s search bar is under the “Process Request” tab, which makes it easy to see what contracts may be available. 

  1. When you’re searching your own entity’s contracts

If you’re looking for an active contract you can use, you can review your entity’s active contracts under the “Contracts” tab to see if you already have a contract in place. If you’re searching your own contracts using OpenGov, you can now also access hundreds of thousands of contracts from Pavilion’s network of public entities and cooperatives right on the same page. Find Pavilion’s search bar on the lower left side of your entity’s “Contracts” search page:

OpenGov and Pavilion are proud to partner to bring a more integrated, seamless experience to public servants across the country through this partnership. 

Have questions about this integration or want to learn more? You can reach Pavilion’s team at

Not yet an OpenGov Procurement customer? You can work with OpenGov via cooperative contracts or learn more here.