End users know what they want to buy. Procurement knows how to buy in a compliant way. But today, bringing it all together to find and use a contract from a supplier that meets everyone’s needs involves emails, calls, and documents on shared drives.

Now, you can keep track of contracts and suppliers directly in Pavilion, all in one place. With Projects, you can save contracts, shortlist suppliers, and share notes within a common workspace. Need to loop a new stakeholder? Invite them to your Project so that they can quickly get up to speed. 

Why you should use Projects

Projects allows procurement teams and departments to effectively work together to find procurement options that meet department needs in a compliant manner. You can:

Together, these features allow you to spend less time on the back-and-forth and build trust with department teams.

How to use Projects

For procurement professionals

A department user comes to you requesting a product or service. Use Projects to find suppliers with shareable contracts that meet department and procurement needs.

  1. Save contracts or suppliers you want to share to a new or existing Project.

  1. View saved contracts or suppliers in your Projects by clicking “Projects” at the top of the page and selecting the appropriate Project.

  1. Add notes to highlight questions, status updates, or next steps. When you add other collaborators, they’ll be able to view your notes and add additional notes as well.

  1. Invite department end users to collaborate on your Project. Pavilion will send them an automated email to let them know they’ve been invited, and you’ll also get an email when they’ved joined your project. Collaborators can add contracts, suppliers, and notes to the Project so that teams can effectively work together on procurement options.

If collaborators don’t have a Pavilion account already, they will only be able to see saved contracts and suppliers, and will not be able to view / add notes, or add additional contracts / suppliers to the project. To get the most out of collaborating via Projects, consider reaching out separately to make sure collaborators you invite sign up for a Pavilion account.

  1. Request quotes from suppliers on your Project. You can message multiple suppliers at once, and copy collaborators in your email so that everyone’s in the know when the supplier responds with availability, pricing, and other information. Remember, we’re here to help you follow up if you don’t hear back and get to the right supplier contact.

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For department end users

With Projects, you can more easily collaborate with procurement colleagues on shortlisted contracts or suppliers that meet your needs.

  1. Your procurement colleagues can invite you to review contracts and suppliers they’ve added to a Project. Once you’ve been invited, you’ll receive an email from Pavilion to join the Project.

  1. View contracts, suppliers, and notes within the Project. You’ll need a Pavilion account to ask questions, respond to existing notes, or add new comments.

  1. Have a supplier in mind that you want Procurement to review? If you have a Pavilion account, you’ll be able to search for them on Pavilion and add them to your Project.

Common questions

Q: Will I be notified if a collaborator adds new contracts, suppliers, or notes to a Project I’m already part of?

A: Not yet, but our product team is eager to hear your feedback around additional features that would be most valuable for you. Reach out with your suggestions to chris@withpavilion.com.

Q: How do we share information stored in Projects for public records or Freedom of Information Act requests?

A: You can print the relevant Project page or save the page as a PDF.

Q: I already had contracts saved in Pavilion prior to this new Projects feature. Where can I find those contracts?

A: Previously saved contracts are now saved in the “My Saved Contracts” Project.