Pavilion’s search experience lets you discover contracts and suppliers from the most comprehensive dataset of cooperative and piggybackable contracts in the country. But what if your organization prefers to utilize contracts from specific cooperative organizations, states, or local entities?

Now, everyone from your entity can find contracts from your go-to purchasing cooperatives, states, and local entities first for faster, compliant purchasing. Relevant contracts from these pre-approved cooperatives or entities will show up at the top of search results. No more sifting through irrelevant contracts or telling a team member “we can’t use that contract.”

How to set your entity’s Contract Sources

  1. Go to your account preferences page and select “Contract Sources” from the left navigation menu.

  1. Add contract sources that you want to pre-approve for your team. You can either add cooperatives or entities individually, or use checkboxes to add groups of contract sources: all national cooperatives, local and regional sources in your state, or entities similar to you (cities / counties, school districts, universities, etc).

How setting Contract Sources affects your search experience

  1. Relevant contracts from the cooperatives and entities you’ve selected will show up first in search results. This search experience applies to all Pavilion users from your entity.

  1. If you want to see contracts shown in priority of relevance, without considering whether or not they are from a pre-approved coop or agency, remove the “Only approved sources” filter from your search.

Common questions

Q: Will setting Contract Sources apply to just my searches? Or will it be for the entire team?

A: This customization applies to all Pavilion users from your entity. To see the list of users from your entity, click on the “Team members” page in your Account Preferences. Our team is currently working on adding different levels of permissions so that only admin users can make these changes in the future. Please check with your procurement leadership before making adjustments.

Q: What if I’ve already selected pre-approved coops or entities, but want to let my team see contracts in priority of relevance only without taking into account Contract Sources?

A: You can remove the customization by unchecking the “Show contracts from approved sources first” box at the end of the Contract Sources page.