A new partnership between Pavilion and Bonfire aims to help government procurement teams discover shareable contract opportunities to save time and money. 

Bonfire, a business unit of GTY Technology Holdings Inc. and a leader in strategic sourcing and eProcurement software, and Pavilion, a free marketplace of shareable contracts that empowers public servants to discover and use over 50,000 active shareable contracts from national, state, and local sources, today announced the availability of an integration.

“Pavilion has assembled an enormous database of public sector cooperative contracts to help government procurement teams take advantage of pre-negotiated arrangements and rates,” said Omar Salaymeh, CEO of Bonfire. “Through this new integration, Bonfire users will have access to one of the industry’s most comprehensive collections of active cooperative contracts right alongside Bonfire’s own database of active and historical solicitations. Together, we’re able to provide one of the industry’s most comprehensive repositories of pre-negotiated contracts and trending solicitations to help agencies source more efficiently and cost effectively.”

The integration works through the Community Projects module in Bonfire, which itself contains over 34,000 open and historical solicitations, including all public project documents from over 600 public sector agencies actively using the Bonfire eProcurement solution to manage their entire sourcing process. Bonfire users frequently look there for an existing template or contract to use as a starting point rather than crafting a solicitation from scratch when appropriate. Suitable cooperative contract opportunities in the Pavilion database will now also be accessible there for all users on the Bonfire platform.

“This announcement is an important milestone for Pavilion,” says Pavilion co-founder and CEO, Mariel Reed. “It’s crazy that we have so much access to free technology for our personal shopping decisions, but not our public ones. By building Pavilion, and now by making Pavilion accessible to more procurement teams through our partnership with Bonfire, we can together help empower procurement professionals to make better, faster purchasing decisions on behalf of their communities.”

Bonfire customers can use the Pavilion integration beginning today, and Bonfire clients attending NIGP Forum in Boston can drop by the Bonfire booth on August 21 and 22 for a live demonstration.