By Mariel Reed, CEO and cofounder

We’re excited to introduce an updated look and a new name: Pavilion. Formerly known as CoProcure, Pavilion helps public servants save time and money by collaborating on purchasing.

Public procurement is about more than just the “stuff.” It’s about the diverse, vast network of humans and businesses working together for public impact. We’ve updated our name and visual identity to better capture the spirit of our mission: to improve the lives of all Americans by building technology that connects and empowers the people doing the work of procurement.

We started CoProcure to help public servants find cooperative contracts online, for free. As a public servant, I saw how piggybacking on a contract could save time and reduce costs. But I was frustrated by how hard it was to find contracts. So, we built a free online search tool that aggregates and organizes contracts from sources across the country, starting with national sources like the General Services Administration (GSA) and national purchasing cooperative organizations. 

Since then, we’ve grown to serve thousands of public entities every month who find, use, and share contracts with peers in public procurement on our platform. These contracts include not only national cooperative contracts, but also tens of thousands of shareable contracts from state and local public entities, too. Now, even procurement professionals who are newer to the profession can more instantly access the experience and contracts from their peers across the country. Together, we’ve widened the suppliers and categories available to the sector, enabling more small, local, and diverse businesses to grow.

We are especially excited to be building technology that expands participation in public problem-solving. Our new name, Pavilion, hearkens to a public square, a metaphorical “big tent” connecting public entities and suppliers together under one roof. As a name, Pavilion embodies our ardor for a future public procurement ecosystem that is even more collaborative, inclusive, and accessible.

Along with our new name come changes to our visual identity, website, and messaging that better reflects our values as a company. While our name and visual identity have changed, our product remains functionally the same. We remain energized as ever by our mission and the future of the public procurement sector. 

Thank you for the privilege of building towards this future with you. We hope to support you in serving the public sector today, and in the years to come.