In this episode of the Amazing Cities and Towns Podcast, sponsored by Bearing Advisors, Jim Hunt interviews Mariel Reed, the Co-Founder and CEO of Pavilion. Listen to a candid conversation about getting more private businesses working on local government and community issues with technology, products and services, and much more.

About  Mariel Reed
Cofounder and CEO of Pavilion, a venture-backed marketplace connecting public entity buyers with suppliers on shareable contracts. Pavilion's technology helps public servants deliver better, faster public services from a wider and more diverse set of businesses. We’re building a ‘big tent’ in service of this mission—and you can help:

About Your Host, Jim Hunt:
Welcome to the “Building Amazing Cities and Towns Podcast” … The podcast for Mayors, Council Members, Managers, Staff and anyone who is interested in building an Amazing City.
Your host is Jim Hunt, the author of “Bottom Line Green, How American Cities are Saving the Planet and Money Too” and his latest book, “The Amazing City - 7 Steps to Creating an Amazing City”
Jim is also the former President of the National League of Cities, 27 year Mayor, Council Member and 2006 Municipal Leader of the Year by American City and County Magazine.
Today, Jim speaks to 1000’s of local government officials each year in the US and abroad.
Jim also consults with businesses that are bringing technology and innovation to local government.