We’ve been cooking up lots of exciting new features, and we can’t wait to share them with you. Now at your fingertips: a more powerful contract search experience – across even more contracts!

A smarter search that understands what you’re looking for

We’ve boosted our search algorithm with new AI superpowers to give you more relevant and useful contracts than ever before. While other contract searches are limited to looking for your exact search terms in contract titles, our algorithm runs models in the background to understand the meaning behind your words to find contracts that match your intent. It’s a smarter search that knows what you’re looking for, making finding the right contract even easier.

New filters to quickly narrow down your search

We’ve heard your feedback around making it easier to find contracts with expiration dates farther out, or from specific sources. Now, you can quickly narrow down your search using our new filters:

Are there other filters that would be useful for you? We’re constantly thinking of new ways to make your search easier. Email support@withpavilion.com to let us know!

An even larger network of shareable contracts for you to search from

We’re proud to be your one-stop shop for shareable contracts. We’ve recently added 15,000 contracts to our network, bringing us to over 100,000 shareable national, state, and local contracts.

Want to share your contracts with us too? It’ll help users from your agency find your own contracts faster – and help other agencies find them too. Reach out to our team at contracts@withpavilion.com.

Leverage Pavilion’s powerful search directly within your website

Want to search Pavilion directly within your entity’s website? Contact us at support@withpavilion.com to learn more.


Stay tuned for more exciting features as our team develops new ways to help you deliver better, faster services. Have an idea? Shoot us an email at support@withpavilion.com.