Starting today, public buyers with accounts on Pavilion will have a more purpose-built experience—seeing more useful, tailored information that matches your contract discovery needs, right from an updated homepage.

When it comes to finding shareable contracts, public buyers need to sort through a vast number of compliance requirements and preferences, based on your state and local regulations, goals and preferences, and many other factors. Though all public buyers have compliance needs and preferences, these needs and preferences are all different. One experience doesn’t fit all. 

For public buyers who already have accounts with Pavilion, signing in will now take you to a new homepage, where you can view previously saved contracts. For new users who create an account for the first time, the homepage will help you get started with editing your preferences and conducting your first contract search.

Over the coming months, you’ll start seeing additional information on your personalized homepage, like contracts that are private to your entity and your recent searches. You’ll also be able to share more information about your purchasing preferences and requirements, which Pavilion will use to surface more relevant results for you.

If you have feedback for us about how Pavilion can be more tailored to you, please let us know. We also invite you to schedule a walkthrough to learn more about how to make the most of Pavilion as a free resource.