Bonfire users can use Pavilion to find and use contracts directly within the Bonfire experience. But you can get even more out of your agency’s experience with Pavilion by publishing the contracts you create on Bonfire to Pavilion.

Why publish your contracts to Pavilion?

Adding your agency’s contracts to Pavilion can help you:

Other agencies have already begun reaping the benefits of sharing their contracts on Pavilion. If you are already a Bonfire customer, there is no additional cost to publish your contracts using Bonfire to Pavilion. 

How to set up contract-sharing to Pavilion using Bonfire

You can set up automatic publishing of your contracts to Pavilion in just a few steps: 

  1. Contact your Bonfire customer success manager (CSM) to request that Bonfire turn on the “Public Contracts” module for your agency. Bonfire is typically able to complete this request within 1-2 business days. You can see an example of what the “Public Contracts” module looks like for Pinal County, AZ and Hillsborough County, FL. Please consider cc’ing on your request so that we know you’ve initiated this process.

    Here’s a template you can use to submit this request: 

    Subj: Please turn on our “Public contracts” page

    Dear {{Your CSM’s Name}},

    I'm reaching out because our agency would like to set up a “Public Contracts” page like
    this one so that we can share our contracts with other public entities and more easily publish them to Pavilion. Can you please enable this for our agency?

    Thank you,
    {{Your Name}}

  1. Toggle an individual contract to “public” to publish it to this page. You may change settings from “private” to “public” at any time. Make sure you are also sharing relevant contract documents. These documents help your entity’s users and public procurement peers  find key contract information without having to contact your agency. 
  2. (Optional) Configure a custom public contract field for cooperative contracts. Many public entities include piggyback language as a default in their solicitations and contracts. We encourage you to publish as many contracts as possible, since even contracts that are not available for piggybacking can still be useful to other entities conducting market research or writing new scopes of work. You can set up a custom field to mark certain contracts as “cooperative” or “piggybackable” - see an example from Pinal County, AZ. Here's how to configure a custom field.

    If your contracts are labeled as available for piggybacking, they will appear in search results when other entities search on Pavilion. If they are not labeled as available for piggybacking, they will only appear when your users search Pavilion, but not when other entities search.

  1. Contact Pavilion at to let us know you’re ready to publish your contracts on Pavilion. Once your “Public Contracts” page is live, Pavilion can begin pulling data from this page into our database and automatically add new contracts on a regular cadence. We’ll let you know when this is complete!