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City of Tucson Cooperative Contracts

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Popular City of Tucson, AZ contracts


Expires Aug 2024

AT&T Cell Phone Contract- Piggyback State of AZ CTR# CTR052804

Lead agencyCity of Tucson, AZ

CooperativeStrategic Alliance for Volume Expenditures (S.A.V.E.)

Supplier (1)AT&T


Expires Jun 2025

Refuse and Recycling Container Solutions and Related Products, Equipment and Services

Lead agencyCity of Tucson, AZ


Supplier (1)Otto Environmental Systems North America, Inc.


Expires Feb 2026

Aftermarket Automotive and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Parts

Lead agencyCity of Tucson, AZ

CooperativeAxia Cooperative

Suppliers (2)GENUINE PARTS COMPANY · Factory Motor Parts

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