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Parking Enforcement System

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Lead agency

City of Tucson, AZ


Strategic Alliance for Volume Expenditures (S.A.V.E.)

Expiration date

December 31, 2025


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Pierre Lamoureux


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Reach out to City of Tucson for more information on becoming a co-op partner agency.


Contract documents

  • 151244/Contract 12757 01


Amendment documents

  • 151244/AwardAmendmentImg 151244 01 151244%20a1%20


  • 151244/AwardAmendmentImg 151244 01 151244-01%20A3%20Signed


  • 151244/AwardAmendmentImg 151244 01 151244-01%20Amendment%204


Bid solicitation documents

  • 151244/Solicitation File


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Pricing documents

  • 151244/Price 12757 3185 Schedule%20D%20GTU%20Cost%20Schedule


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About gtechna

Buffalo, NY

gtechna provides enterprise real-time off-street parking and curbside enforcement software including eCitation and permit management to assist governments, private operators, transportation agencies and universities with smart parking technology to serve its communities best-in-class solutions. Twenty years of successful collaborations in leading cities such as Washington, D.C., Boston,MA, Toronto, ON, Pittsburgh, PA, Minneapolis, MN, Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC has seen the firm’s growth into international markets including Australia, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

Also known as gtechna usa

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