We are thrilled to announce Timothy Ryan as Pavilion’s newest Business Operations Associate! Tim is a rural-to-urban, east coast-to-west coast transplant. His pursuit of social impact has led him to work across the public and private sectors on domestic and international projects and for both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. He graduated in 2020 from Yale University, where he co-founded a service, scholarship, and advocacy organization that supports independent youth (i.e. foster, emancipated, unaccompanied, estranged) in pursuit of higher education. Most recently, he was an early team member at a publishing startup that rescues out-of-print titles. We asked Tim a few questions about himself and the experiences that led him to Pavilion:

Why Pavilion?

From an early age, I have been drawn to the social impact space. I am most energized by complex problems that must balance mission against resource acquisition and allocation, leveraging my passion and background to contribute to something greater than myself. It didn't take long for me to realize the potential of the product Pavilion is developing; government procurement is a domain that is far from the forefront of the public mind, yet affects every person in America. Optimizing this space has such incredible promise of an outsized impact on every facet of society, and I think that is something truly special. Combined with the fast pace of a high-growth startup and the opportunity to surround myself with a brilliant, scrappy, and eclectic team, I had no doubt that this is where I want to be for the next chapter of my professional career.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

Hailing from the Adirondacks, a mountain range in the North Country of Upstate New York and the largest state park in the country, I am in love with all things outdoors. Hiking and biking are particular staples of my east coast upbringing, and I am thrilled to be able to do these activities year round now in the more temperate and forgiving climate of San Francisco! I’m also an avid Catan enthusiast (or any strategy game for that matter), have a passion for music (jamming, listening, or composing, particularly jazz or jazz-inspired elements ingrained in many genres), and love to discover new places and experiences (pandemic-pending).

What’s something someone who just met you wouldn’t expect about you?

I was a first-generation low-income college graduate who grew up in a 4-stoplight town of 3,000 people. (Quite the contrast to New York City where the population of my most recent apartment building surpassed that!) Growing up, I always juggled multiple jobs and projects, entering the workforce at the age of 13 and working three jobs simultaneously from age 16 through to senior year of college. While not your typical American childhood experience, I genuinely believe this background–what I learned from it and who it made me–to be my greatest asset. It continues to guide my outlook on the world and decision-making to this day, fostering an insatiable drive in pursuit of constant growth of character, just as much as skill and intellect.

What was a kindness you received recently?

On my fourth day at Pavilion, one coworker elected to stay after work for an entire hour (maybe more), just to teach me to assemble my bicycle that I had shipped from New York. I was eager to get this bike ready to ride. Without even being asked, this coworker helped make that happen. This small act of kindness made me feel really welcomed, not just to the Pavilion team, but also to this new city on the other side of the country from whence I came. That’s a memory that will stick with me, and a kindness that I aim to pay forward. It really leaves a warm place in my heart for this new place I call home.

Words to live by?

Act locally; think globally. Make whatever impact you can, however small, within the space to which you have access. Seize opportunity when it presents itself and create opportunity where it does not otherwise exist–not just for yourself, but for others.