We are thrilled to introduce Pedro Atienza as the newest member of the Pavilion team, stepping into the role of Sales Operations Manager. Pedro's extensive experience, gained from his impactful contributions at two "series A" Silicon Valley startups - Holobuilder (acquired by Faro Technologies) and Alloy.ai, uniquely positions him to manage critical systems crucial for our sales team's success. Continue reading to uncover more about Pedro, including his love for music, photography, and the guiding motto that he lives by.

Why Pavilion?

When the Pavilion team reached out to me, I was truly captivated by their mission-oriented approach to tackling a complex problem that others often shy away from. I believe that enhancing government efficiency holds tremendous potential to make a positive impact on society.

The energy and commitment within the team are truly inspiring,providing a rich ground for personal and professional growth.  
The company's focus on attracting exceptional talent, fostering clear communication, and nurturing an inclusive and enjoyable work culture aligns with my own values.

It's also incredibly exciting to focus on the US government procurement market, which is a $2 trillion market.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

Outside of work, I'm an avid fan of the rhythmic beats of house music, and the vintage charm of film photography. I also thrive on the thrill of outdoor activities like surfing and skiing, and I find joy in cooking and hosting gatherings.

What’s something someone who didn’t know you wouldn’t expect about you?

I channel my creativity and love for music into DJing.

What’s a book you’ve read and enjoyed recently?

I’m reading a book about the History of California written by Malcolm Harris. It's an insightful narrative that examines the transformation of California against the backdrop of technology, economy, and education.

Words to live by?

My guiding principle is "Hakuna Matata" — a reminder to live joyfully joyfully and without needless worries.

Your theme song of the moment?

Currently, "Rico Coco" by NFC is the rhythm that resonates with my mood, embodying a vibrant, tropical vibe that's both uplifting and infectious.