We are delighted to introduce Merissa Molinar as the newest addition to the Pavilion team, where she will be taking on the role of Product Lead. Boasting a diverse background with notable stints at industry giants like Amazon, Shopify, and Walmart, Merissa is set to play a key role in advancing and refining our tool. Continue reading to discover the reasons behind her choice to join Pavilion, insights into her hobbies, and more!

Why Pavilion?

When searching for a new opportunity, I was focused on:

Growth opportunity: Both in terms of the company and my career in Product Management. I aimed to join an early-stage company that is solving interesting problems.

Mission and impact: Ideally, I wanted to find a company that had the potential to make a significant positive impact and whose mission I was inspired by.

Team and leadership: I was hoping to join a team of smart, ambitious, and fun people.

I was lucky to find all of the above in Pavilion. U.S. government procurement is a $2T market. Our team aims to connect public servants and vendors in order to improve the government procurement process and to ultimately make the spending of taxpayer dollars more efficient. Also, Pavilion’s culture is incredibly fun and inclusive :)

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

Cycling, running, and listening to podcasts. On the weekends, you can find me around Mt. Tam on a group bike ride or in the Marin Headlands trail running with the San Francisco Running Club. When I lived in NYC, I raced road bikes and participated in several running races. I also completed the Haute Route Dolomites, a 5-day/335+ mile road cycling event in Italy in 2022. Nowadays, I’m less about racing and more about fun group rides and runs with an essential stop for pastries or donuts. Balance! I’m also a big podcast fan. The Knowledge Project, Odd Lots, Acquired, Lenny’s Podcast, and more.

What’s a goal you have for the year ahead?

I have a long list of saved Coursera, edX, and Duolingo classes that I’ve dabbled in but haven’t completed. I aim to be more intentional and focused with my time about things I want to learn on the side.

What’s a book you’ve read and enjoyed recently?

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott is part writing guide, part collection of funny anecdotes. I loved the author’s balance of useful writing advice and humor. I also like Recursion by Blake Crouch. I’m currently reading Guns of August by Barbara W. Tuchman. Just a little light reading about World War I…