We’re excited to welcome Kelechi Ohiri to Pavilion! Kelechi brings her experience in public policy, higher educational administration, and social impact work to serve as the voice of Pavilion’s user base. Learn about Kelechi’s journey to Pavilion, her admiration for Julia Child, and love of audiobooks!

Why Pavilion?

Joining Pavilion was a classic case of the right place, right time. When I was recruited, I was looking for an opportunity to address a large social impact issue using the speed and power of technology. As I learned about the company’s mission and approach, I realized Pavilion could be exactly that place. Our mission-driven approach to making government work more efficiently by creating a tech-driven solution to the challenging task of procurement is a powerful intervention with the potential to create immense social impact. That is absolutely the type of endeavor I want to lend my time, energy, and efforts to.

If you could invite anyone in the world to dinner, who would it be and why?

If I could bring Julia Child back from French culinary heaven I would definitely choose her to be my dinner guest. I absolutely love watching reruns of her show, The French Chef. Julia Child had such a lively and animated presence while she moved around her kitchen making the most amazing-looking meals. She brought so much joy to the act of cooking and also to my childhood when I would watch her show with my mom. I love how a thoughtful meal can enhance the art of gathering, and who better to share a meal with than one of the people who instilled that love in me!

Who’s one person you admire, and why?

This is a very random story but I once went to a rock climbing gym where a small child was scaling a massive rock climbing wall. At the 90-foot mark of this 100-foot wall, her mother called up to her and yelled “Don’t quit.” She yelled back down, “Why would I quit?” in the most genuinely confused tone. That interaction had a really big impact on me. I absolutely admire that brave child and her outlook on life.

What’s a book you’ve read and enjoyed recently?

My love for reading has recently expanded into a love for audiobooks. It’s an especially wonderful treat when the author themselves narrates the book. A few audiobooks narrated by the author that I’ve especially enjoyed are The Chiffon Trenches by the late great fashion icon Andre Leon Talley, Heavy by the incomparable Kiese Laymon, and the works of Toni Morrison narrated in her voice, an absolute treat that she left us before she passed away.