We're excited to share that Abby Krishnan has joined Pavilion as a software engineer. Abby graduated from UT Austin with a degree in Computer Science and a certificate in Public Policy. At UT, she founded the Texas Civic Tech Project, which brings together students passionate about STEM, tech, and politics and connects those students to community projects that utilize their technical skills. She joins Pavilion from previous experience at Affirm, Facebook, and HomeAway.

We asked Abby a few questions about herself and the experiences that led her to Pavilion:

Why Pavilion?

I’ve always loved civics, and when I started my degree in computer science, I thought I would have to relegate an interest in governance to the side. I eventually discovered the world of civic tech, public interest technology, and how tech work can be used to better the world. I started an organization at UT Austin called the Texas Civic Tech Project to be able to show people how vast the world of technology can really be.

Pavilion is doing what I’ve believed for years: that governments can and should work better for people. I’m fascinated by problems at the local scale that can be legitimately improved by technology, and procurement is a huge one. I’m excited by Pavilion’s mission-driven approach and to be working with a passionate team on a tricky, interesting, and crucial problem.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I love cooking and eating! It is something where I can constantly be creative, make and learn from mistakes, and experience and enjoy different cultures. One of my favorite ways to spend time and de-stress is to explore different specialty grocery stores and find new ingredients to use in different ways. I’m a lifelong vegetarian, so I love trying out new, vegetable-forward ways to enjoy classic dishes.

What’s one goal you have for the year ahead?

Over the next year, I’d love to take my first multiple-day backpacking trip and eventually work up to backpacking on my own! I grew up in Dallas, which has a limited selection of outdoor hiking. I only discovered an interest in hiking over the last few years. I’m excited to spend my next year in the Bay Area enjoying sunny skies, beautiful foliage, and mountain peaks in my free time.

What’s a book you’ve read and enjoyed recently?

I love to read, but I recently finished the first audiobook I’ve ever listened to and I loved it! Save The Plums by Ruth Reichl is the memoir of the longtime editor of Gourmet magazine and former New York Times restaurant critic. She tells the story of fitting in and shaking up the world of food media, changing the way we think about food during her tenure, all while making you laugh and gawk at the ridiculous culture of high-end media. It was an absolute delight from start to finish, and it made me wistful for an era from beyond my years!